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  • 100% compliance with laws and regulations is the basic requirement for our business operations; creating a good working environment for employees to work in a healthy working environment without occupational hazards;
  • Peace and safety when going to work, peace and safety when leaving work, each employee's family is radiant;
  • Factory production operations can achieve minimal environmental impact and contribute to the sustainable development of society;
  • EHS can focus on customary consideration in production operations and employee work;
  • Employee safety is paramount and we believe that continuous improvement of our safety practices, processes and performance can contribute to the excellence of our business,without threatening our employees' health and safety or the environment at all times;
  • EHS can become the core culture of Asia-Pacific and become one of the competitiveness of Asia-Pacific companies and become one of the social reputations.


  • Our goal is to have no recordable accidents and lost time accidents throughout the year. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate any injuries and accidents.
  • In the company's production operations, our environmental emission indicators must comply with national standards, making the company a socially responsible company.


The company follows the philosophy of protecting the earth, protecting the ecological environment and being responsible for future generations. The company is committed to the sustainable use of resources and reducing environmental load. It is committed to creating a healthy and safe working environment for employees and is committed to reducing people, equipment and products. Occupational health and safety risks such as services, and the goal of pursuing no-person injuries, we strive to achieve the environmental performance and health and safety that we take pride in, to win the trust of the customer community and contribute to the sustainable development of the company and society.


Wuxi Hatal Aluminium Co., LTD.:

1. Not only complies with national and local laws, regulations, relevant regulations and related regulations on environmental protection, occupational health and safety management, but also formulates the company's own management standards to strengthen management and improve management;

2. Conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental impacts of business activities, products and services, and occupational health and safety risks, prevents and controls the occurrence of environmental pollution and labor disasters, and continuously improves the environmental protection level and the working environment of employees;

3. Promote energy management, use clean energy and renewable energy, reduce pollution emissions in the production environment, reduce and harmonize the generated waste, and recycle as much as possible to ensure the lowest impact on the environment;

4. Has a strict management of chemicals that have adverse effects on the ecological environment and adversely affect the health and safety of employees, and actively promote reduction and substitution, and conduct chemical import evaluation;

5. It is expected that everyone can identify hazards, control risks and take corrective actions including stopping production to eliminate the conditions and behaviors that lead to personal injury, taking precautionary measures, controlling and reducing labor insecurity and environmental risks based on risk assessment. All health and safety incidents and environmental accidents are thoroughly investigated and reported as long as there are significant actual or potential threats;

6. Trains all employees on the environmental, health and safety knowledge, ensures that everyone has the necessary understanding of safe work, and have the necessary safety work skills and knowledge. Training is the foundation. It ensures that employees and companies have the same philosophy and are committed to environmental, health and safety improvements;

 7. The company actively promotes the green supply chain and requires suppliers, contractors and companies to have the same environmental, health and safety concepts, and to strive to promote the environmental, health and safety management level of relevant parties.

8. Sets environmental, health, and safety goals for continuous improvement, and measures, evaluates, reviews, and reports performance.

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