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Talent Concept
The company advocates the concept of "everyone is a talent" and respects every hard-working employee.
The company advocates teamwork, openness, mutual support and sharing success.
We welcome all kinds of talents with open thinking, strong adaptability, responsibility and willingness to constantly challenge themselves to improve the overall quality of the company.
Employees who join the company will have the opportunity to receive a variety of training, participate in various forms of project cooperation, and access a variety of advanced technologies to meet the company's evolving needs.

Please send to the following address  your resume:
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First, recruitment positions

1. Workshop operator (30): 25-40 years old, junior high school or above, more than 1 year working experience in manufacturing-oriented enterprises; hard working and employment stability; strong body, no bad habits, good conduct, Need to shift work.


2, Inspectors (2) men or women ,  around 25-40 years old, has relevant work experience in manufacturing enterprises, has the spirit of hard work. Can adapt to shifts, will use conventional inspection tools, must understand simple mechanical drawings. Has relevant work experience in inspection, high school and mechanical secondary school personnel are preferred.


3, Mold supervisor (1) male, under 30 years old, college degree or above, mechanical engineering or mold related major, more than 3 years experience of on-site operation and management , aluminum extrusion industry  in a familiar with the knowledge of extruded aluminum alloy products, able to handle daily mold processing with the problems in production and debugging, with a wealth of on-site guidance and supervision capabilities. He would be mainly responsible for the daily maintenance and personnel management of the company's mold library, participate in product review, develop the mold opening plan and implement.


4, Accounting (1)  28-35 years old, female, need to be married, college degree or above, with assistant accountant and above, with 2 years of industrial accounting experience, familiar with accounting related laws and regulations and tax policy, with Strong industrial accounting and sales cost accounting and asset accounting capabilities, with certain enterprise budget management and internal control management capabilities, skilled use of ERP financial management software.


5, Forklift (1) male, 30-40 years old, academic qualifications, with more than 2 years of storage department forklift related work experience, with an effective forklift license, hard worker, can adapt to shift.


6. Mechanic: (3) males, 25-38 years old, middle school or above, mechanical major, more than 3 years mechanical maintenance work experience, good mechanical basic knowledge and hydraulic transmission knowledge, equipment failure, equipment maintenance Strong working ability, general electric welding gas cutting operation, no color blindness, no hearing impairment, no skin allergies, strong sense of responsibility for work, can adapt to three shifts.


7. Machine maintenance squad leader: 1 male, 25-38 years old, middle school or above, mechanical major, 3 years of mechanical maintenance and personnel management experience, good mechanical basic knowledge and hydraulic transmission knowledge, equipment failure, equipment maintenance  strong working ability,  personnel management ability, and  good communication and coordination abilities. The aluminum processing industry is preferred.


8, Quality engineer (2) gender is not limited, women need to be married, 27-35 years old, college education, mechanical manufacturing or non-ferrous metal processing, skilled use of office software, more than 2 years of relevant work experience. Main responsibilities: 1. Internal quality improvement formulation, promotion, and improvement of tracking. 2. Formulation, promotion and tracking of improvement measures after customer complaints. 3. Check the process compliance of the production process. 4. Improvement status after customer review.


9. Process Engineer (1) Material science or mechanical major, systematically master mechanical design principles, mechanical parts, mechanical manufacturing processes, and understanding of aluminum processing technology. Good English literacy, proficiency in CAD and office software, and relevant work experience for more than 1 year. Familiar with TS16949, priority! Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered!


10. (1) male engineer,  25-40 years old, college degree or above, major in management and logistics; more than 1 year and a half experience in actual factory procurement, experience in purchasing non-ferrous metal related materials is preferred; familiar with procurement process, good Communication skills, negotiation skills and cost awareness, sensitive to numbers, strong cost control and process optimization concepts; meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, strong teamwork spirit, good professional ethics and literacy Can withstand certain work pressures and have driving skills.


12. Safety Engineer (1) male, 25-40 years old, specializing in environmental engineering; having flexible mind, strong communication and stress resistance; relevant work experience in manufacturing enterprises. Familiar with 5S management, proficient in corporate security laws and regulations, with security administrator qualification certificate and ISO14001 internal auditor certificate is preferred.


13. Production management (1) male, college degree, more than 3 years experience in on-site management of manufacturing enterprises, mainly responsible for planning the production, quality, technology, equipment, personnel and other series management of finished products, with reasonable allocation of resources,  ability to release production bottlenecks in a timely manner. With good communication and coordination capabilities, advanced concepts of lean production management, the aluminum processing industry is preferred.


Second, salary treatment

(First-line employees) The workshop implements tonnage assessment, post-counting, more work, subsidies for midnight shifts, overtime pay for comprehensive working hours, and implementation according to national regulations; production season 10-12 hours/day, according to actual production conditions The rotation system is 1-2 days a week, the skilled worker's monthly salary is more than 2,000 yuan, the probation period is 1 month, and the social security and housing provident fund are paid. New employees are required to pay a one-month subsidy, which is no less than the minimum average wage of 960 yuan/month in Wuxi.


Third, welfare treatment

 Provide free working meals, production line staff provide two meals for 10-12 hours, snack meals for night shifts;  High temperature fees and summer supplies for high temperature seasons;  Traditional condolence gifts;  Organize annual health checkups;  Company Accident insurance for employees in special positions;  Annual  staff meetings and fitness activities to enrich employees' lives.


Once the above positions are officially entered, the benefits are excellent, enjoy the relevant welfare provided by the state (including housing provident fund), the free working meals, accommodation and transportation, those who are interested to join Wuxi Hatal Aluminium Co., LTD. are welcomed!