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Coil heat exchanger field
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The coiled-tube heat exchanger has incomparable advantages over the common tube heat exchanger. It has a wide temperature range, is suitable for thermal shock, eliminates thermal stress itself, and has high compactness. Due to its special structure, the flow field is sufficient thanks to. Development, there is no flow dead zone,in particular, by setting a multi-tube process (shell-side single-strand), it can meet the simultaneous heat transfer of multiple fluids in one equipment, mainly for large-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) winding.

Our main products in this field are:

Aluminum tube for ultra-long coil heat exchanger

Commonly used aluminum alloy grades: 3 series (3003), 5 series (5049)


Product Features:

Produced using seamless tubes, the length of a single can reach more than 300 meters.

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